Racing into Term 4!

Kia ora tātou, 

We have started off Term 4 fantastically and had a busy week celebrating our Muritai School values: 

                               EXPLORE - curiosity, critical thinking, creativity
CONNECT -  cooperation, connection, inclusion
CONTRIBUTE -  respect, kindness, caring, empathy 

We had a wonderful week meeting across the school in our teams, classes, houses and with our buddies. What a way to start Term 4! 

We loved connecting and cooperating to use the parachute together. It was so much fun!

Don't we look fabulous in our house colours? 

I was so proud of our  children in Room 3 for being so quick and sensible during our Shake Out drill on Thursday. We practised 'Drop, Cover and Hold' and then went quickly up McKenzie Track so  we all know what to do in an earthquake.  Ka rawe Room 3! 

Term 3 is off to a flying start!

Welcome to Term 3!

We jumped straight in with our fabulous 100 days at school celebration. We had a wonderful day creating '100 days brighter' crowns, singing, showing off our 100 collections, imagining what we'll be like when we are 100, doing 100 exercises for P.E., counting our steps, making artwork and of course having a party!

We are looking at measurement and have been working on some super problem solving. Here we are working out how two trains could be made from different coloured rods and seeing which train was longest.

It was great catching up with our class buddies from Room 8. They showed us how to write stories online using

Jump Jam fun!

We are enjoying JumpJam in the classroom-what a great way to start the day! It really sets us up for our learning!

Painting is our focus for Art this term and we have been experimenting  with water colours -.

Mr Power came to work with us last Tuesday. We are learning about the 'Scratch Jr' app and had some fun with a story and some drama first before we moved onto the i-Pads.

We have been learning about the parts of a plant and made our own with coloured paper. Great work Room 3 !

Our bean plants continue to grow ! Lots of great learning in Room 3.!

Another Busy Week.........

We are learning about what plants need to grow and thrive.We painted some pictures about some of the things we know plants need. Can you see what they are ?

We are getting at recording the first, middle and last sound in words. Being able to hear and record sounds accurately is important in helping us to read and write.

 Constable Blue  was in Room 3 last week to begin our 'Kia Kaha' programme.We talked about how special and unique each one of us are. Constable Blue took our finger print -each of them were so different !

Our work on telling the time continues- we are all getting really good at the o'clocks.!


 Pumpkin seeds are really interesting !Come into Room 3 and look at some of the work we have been doing around seeds -we are conducting a 'fair test' at the moment with some runner beans.

Great work in Room 3!

Cross -country Fun


We were lucky with the weather for our annual cross -country event. Everyone did their very best -well done Room 3 !

 We have written some lovely stories and done some beautiful art work around the shared book' The Sunflower that went Flop'

 It always great to share some time with our big buddies on a Friday.This week we did some great singing together, our Word Walls and then went outside into the lovely sunshine to do some chalk pictures. We are building up great relationships !

 Congratulations to our award winners this week. Tui team did a fantastic job hosting our full school assembly. Another great week in Room 3 !

Racing into Term 4!

Kia ora  tātou,  We have started off Term 4 fantastically and had a busy week celebrating our Muritai School values:                ...